Infinite CEO Ali Zahed Comments on the NBIN Joint Announcement

We recently spent some time with our CEO Ali Zahedi, to get is thoughts on the recent joint announcement with NBIN:

What kind of reaction did you get from the industry after the NBIN partnership announcement?
The announcement was very well received. We had tons of positive comments and many people reached out to congratulate us. Anyone who has been around from our early days knows this partnership signaled a pivotal moment in the company’s history and served as recognition for doing exceptional work.

How does this partnership impact existing clients and future clients?
Immediately speaking, this partnership will not impact existing clients. This is primarily to facilitate NBIN’s “Going Independent” campaign, which targets advisors looking to go independent. Harmony will be part of what NBIN offers these advisors. The implementation model, support model, and customization models that we’ve established over the past 18 years of this business will likely look different and these are all items we’re currently working through with NBIN. Simultaneously, we are working on improving our integration with NBIN and this is something that will benefit not only future clients, but existing clients as well. Any improvements to integration will also be released to existing clients.

How does this partnership impact Infinite as a business?
It definitely gives us more recognition in the industry and that’s great. Having had strong clients as our partners for the past two decades, we’ve always been confident in Harmony as a product, and this provides a strong endorsement of the capabilities of the application. Over the years, we’ve also worked very closely with NBIN to service our mutual clients, and this is an important next step. We are hoping to further our relationship with NBIN and do as much as possible through the establishment of this partnership.

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