Hear what our clients have to say about working with us

"As a firm, we made the decision to partner with Infinite Investment Systems to work with us in providing our clients with a higher level of service a few years ago. The implementation team worked tirelessly to ensure a successful transition and have continued to support our requirements to meet the needs of our clients. Implementing Harmony has allowed us the ability to better streamline internal processes allowing us the ability to deliver timelier information to our internal and external relationships. They continue to demonstrate a pro-active and supportive approach to providing assistance to us in meeting our goals."

Tracy Easveld-Pontone
Director of Operations Client Relationship Administration - Leon Frazer Associates

"We know the extra effort that the team put in to make this project work which reinforces our decision to go with Infinite. We look forward to a long term working partnership and are very pleased with how the conversion has started out.”

Gerald R. Connor
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer - Cumberland Private Wealth Management

“The Harmony System provides us with the most innovative and forward thinking portfolio management tools needed to meet both our business and client’s objectives. The system is fully functional, user friendly and customizable. The most impressive aspect of Infinite Investment Systems is not only the Harmony system itself, but the support we receive from the staff there. They are very professional, knowledgeable and fully motivated to assist with any request asked. Their high level of customer service is superb.”

Sharon So
Manager of Operations

"Being one of the earlier subscribers to Harmony, and the first in Western Canada, we have seen Infinite Investment Systems grow from a fledgling provider of a unique, tailored portfolio management system to a national presence, without losing the characteristics and qualities that set the company apart in the first place. Harmony boasts an intuitive ease of use, practical and evolving applications, and a robust comprehensive system-based subscription model, meaning all subscribers have access to all iterations of the system. The benefit to our firm is that we never have to fear that our system has become obsolete. What defines Infinite is the superlative level of service, and the technical expertise and familiarity with the needs of portfolio managers that is evident in the response to any service request. As a smaller IM firm, Harmony has become an integral part of our portfolio management process and has allowed us to manage data, modeling and trade practices in a manner that historically has been the sole purview of much larger institutions. It is a pleasure to work with Infinite and Harmony."

R. Guy Amighetti
President - Verity Investment Counsel

"We look forward to the future and Infinite Investment Systems will be part of it."

Domenic Rinaldi
Managing Director - Patient Capital Management Inc.

“System conversions can be scary and difficult but the team at Infinite provided the pro-active support and service I expected to ensure our transition was as seamless as possible. The user interface is very intuitive and along with the hands-on training we received, allowed us to adapt to their system immediately. Harmony has made our processes more efficient, improved the quality of our client reporting and has allowed our staff and portfolio managers to focus on what they do best. Infinite is honest and fair and is a partner I can always count on.”

Adam Beach, CFA
Vice President, CCO and Operations Manager

"As one of the very first clients of Infinite Systems Ltd we were obviously a little nervous about the functionality and integrity of their Harmony Operating System and whether their staff could provide the support and service that we required. They, without a doubt, have over-delivered on every promise, request and upgrade. The system has evolved and continues to evolve to the point that, I believe, is unmatched in our industry."

Kirk E. Groover
Chief Compliance Officer - J Zechner Associates

"Our introduction to Infinite Systems coincided with the inception of our company in 2009 and we were immediately impressed by their knowledgeable and experienced team. They took the time to understand the system requirements that were necessary for Focus to meet our internal needs, along with the obligations we have to our clients, and then demonstrated how the Harmony software would provide the right solution for every step along the way. Infinite has consistently demonstrated a commitment to providing an industry-leading portfolio management system that not only meets all our current goals, but has the ability to expand and keep pace with an ever-changing industry. We have been able to utilize the features available through the Harmony system to efficiently manage our workflow and produce accurate, informative reports that capture all the key information we need to make investment decisions and report results to our clients. Above all, the most compelling attribute of Infinite is the people that work there. The unmatched passion and dedication of the entire team provides confidence that they genuinely care about providing the best possible service."

Andrew Hobbs
Vice President - Focus Asset Management

"The horsepower of the Infinite system is exceptional; complemented by the strength of the team, their responsiveness and knowledge, this portfolio management system organization sits a top the rest.”

Matt Irwin
Partner - Ewing Morris; Co. Investment Partners

“We wanted a solution that integrated our operations and administration while allowing us the flexibility to implement and customize as needed to meet our unique business requirements. In addition, the solution had to be intuitive, scalable and cost effective. The Harmony product helped us to unify our operations, realize process efficiencies and improve the quality of our client reporting. While implementing Harmony, we found that all levels of the IIS staff were responsive and dedicated – particularly during periods with critical deadlines. Since implementation, the IIS team has demonstrated their continued commitment to a productive partnership with our firm.”

Jennifer Wood
Director of Operations

"The Harmony System provides us with the portfolio management tools needed to meet our client’s objectives. It’s functionality, integrity and reliability is second to none. Training users is easy due to the systems built in modules and drop down menus and navigating through the program is fast and efficient. Infinite Investment Systems has worked along side us to develop customized reporting to meet our client’s needs. Above all else, the staff at Infinite adheres to the highest standards of customer service and each question is met in a knowledgeable and professional way. We believe Harmony is the best portfolio management system on the market today"

Bob Sewell
President and CEO - Bellwether Investment Management

"The Harmony Portfolio Management System is the most innovative, flexible, and fully integrated solution currently available. Harmony is a one-stop solution for all of your portfolio management needs, from the modeling and trading decision-making phase to the back-office processes for the portfolio and net asset valuations. The system is extremely user-friendly and allows for easy and quick navigation from one report to another. Its "drill-down" capabilities mean you don't have to go through numerous menus to get the information you require. The advanced technology of the Harmony system allowed us to easily modify the system to meet all of our needs. Above all I have been extremely pleased with Infinite Investment Systems' commitment to providing exceptional client service.”

Pamela L. Moore

“We have worked with Infinite for 10 years. A chance meeting with Ali and Ahmad turned into a beautiful and long-standing relationship. To us, Infinite is part of the BloombergSen family. We have worked arm in arm as we’ve built our firm(s). A big thank you from Team BloombergSen and we can’t wait to see what the next decade together brings.”

Jonathan Bloomberg
Chief Executive Officer

"We cannot possibly give enough praise or appreciation to Infinite Investment Systems; they adapted their Harmony System specifically for our purposes in the not-for-profit sector. As a result, we can offer our donor clients the same high standard of reporting on their charitable dollars as they would receive on their investments."

Denise Castonguay
Founder CEO - Canada Gives

"Infinite Investment Systems has been a trusted partner of EdgePoint’s since our launch. As a start up, it was critical that we selected a partner that could help us get off the ground and provide us with ongoing support. The team at Infinite has always demonstrated that they value our business and that we have a voice. Our suggestions for improvements are always welcomed. What we’re most impressed with is how Harmony has evolved over the years and has become such a robust system. We certainly feel that we get value for what we pay."

Diane Rossi
Director of Operations - EdgePoint Wealth Management

"We have contracted Infinite Investment Systems to provide us with technical resources to meet the needs of our private and institutional clientele through their software Harmony. They have proven themselves to be diligent and pro-active, providing assistance to us in meeting our goals. The system is user friendly, hands on and efficiently interchangeable with other technical services and resources, allowing us to meet the reporting needs of our client base."

Nancy MacKellar
Executive Vice-President - Delaney Capital Management

"Being the premier client of Infinite Systems, Barrantagh Investment Management Inc. was quick to recognize the potential capabilities of the Harmony software package. Our service mandate provides the highest standards in portfolio management and customization for each of our clients and their needs. Utilizing Harmony has enhanced our ability to meet and exceed client requirements and reporting protocols. Harmony has been able to assist Barrantagh in providing accuracy, clarity and transparency to the many aspects of comprehensive portfolio management. As well, Harmony's flexibility and continuous upgrades assures continuity in our growth."

Wally Kusters
Managing Director - Barrantagh Investment Management

"In searching for a new investment management system, we were aiming to find an integrated product that could deliver both top-industry quality client reporting and analytics, as well as excellent client services and support. Having recently completed the conversion project and now fully launched onto the Harmony platform, we can say confidently that this system has not only met but most often exceeded our expectations in terms of experience and product quality. Harmony has enhanced our ability to provide accurate and sophisticated performance reporting for our clients while increasing our efficiency. The company’s dedicated client services team has made it possible to meet our goals especially at times of ‘hiccups’ during the system conversion process. It has been a pleasure working with Infinite Investment Systems and we look forward to continuing the great partnership in the future.”

Julian C. Smith
Julian C. Smith

"The basis of any good client relationship is accuracy and clarity of reporting and, above all, complete transparency. The system exceeds each of these challenges, and is very flexible and user friendly when custom reports are necessary. Above all, what I find most comforting is knowing I can call at any given time with questions, concerns, challenges and talk to a group of very informed, knowledgeable staff.”

Tony Poverelli
V.P. Operations - Laurus Investment Counsel.

“Our company researched a number of service providers in advance of selecting Infinite in 2013. Since the onset of our relationship, they have become a trusted partner and an integral component of our operations and success. We certainly enjoy working with their team and would have no hesitation recommending their services based on our experiences.”

Brinsley L. Saleken
CCO & Portfolio Manager

“‘Game-changing’ and ‘partnership’. Those are the two words that best describe what the Harmony software system and the amazing team at Infinite have done for our business. Not only has the system made our firm’s tasks so much simpler and more efficient, but the wonderful group at Infinite, with their insight and understanding of our needs, have truly become vital partners in our business.”

Tim Frantz
Vice President